Monday, October 22, 2012

Many little skulls

My boss sort of volunteered me to donate some artwork to yet another charity show.  I think people are beginning to believe that I am far more charitable than I actually am.
Anyhow, the theme of this show is seasonal, Halloween, and they specifically requested that we price our items low.  At the printshop where I work, we recently printed an edition of intaglio prints for the artist Aron Wiesenfeld and had stacks of narrow strips of Arches paper.  So, inbetween being a helpful instructor during my monoprint class, I made little tiny skull monoprints.  I started with reductive style monoprint inking:  I inked the plate with a solid layer of black, and created the image by selectively removing ink.  After printing the first skulls, I reworked the "ghost," the residue of ink left on the plate.

The charity show opens this Friday, October 26th at Pop Gallery.

I made these two little prints on the same day as part of the demo.  The witch is by request from one of the students.

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annette owens said...

LOVE the skulls!