Thursday, November 30, 2006

Orange Tree Leaves

I know, I know. I've been lax. But, I'm making up for it with a bajillion new awesome prints, all waiting to be photographed.

Orange Tree Leaves:
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The only "true" trees that grow in Phoenix (palm trees are actually a type of grass) are orange trees, olive trees, and palo verde trees. The orange trees like the heat, but not the lack of water, and the tree in my frontyard I water once a week to keep it alive. Their leaves have a strange double lobed shape.

I just barely learned how to make these little lined pouches from a tutorial on Twelve22 ( I went a tad overboard on them.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Five hands


This month's Whiplash is "alternative materials". I have no idea if this fits.

I needed a display apparatus for my wristbands for the Gift Show at Trunk Space. A good display can sell anything. I took an old pair of brown pants, made out of a stretchy material, and directly traced my hand and arm in various lengths on the fabric. After pinning the two sides of the hands together, I cut them out and sewed them. I made five of them, and had to reinforce some of the fingertips with tacky glue because I'd cut them a bit short.

The stuffing was from an old pillow my boyfriend found in an alley. Each hand had a dowel that I cut to size with a hacksaw. Each dowel had an excess of about 1".

The ends of the hands were finished by threading around the raw edge, and then pulling the thread tight around the dowel, and adding a little tacky glue to keep it from fraying.

An old white laminate particle board shelf is the base, with five holes drilled into it. The dowel ends were fitted into the holes, and tightened with a little wood glue. Finally, it was attached to the gallery wall with L-brackets cannibalized from another shelf that was in the utility closet.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gift Show

A whole bunch of new dolls in my online gallery (, and another show coming up, this one a group show. None of my stuff will be priced higher than $50. I never know what people think about pricing plans for artwork. There's this perfect and tenuous line between overpriced to the point of making potential patrons irritated by your presumption, and underpriced to the point of affecting whether or not someone will view the object as something possessing any value at all.
Trunk Space Gift Art Show, Nov. 17th 6 pm

There's an old black and white photo booth at The Trunk Space, and my new ploy for making cash is a series of wristbands, with picture windows the size of the photos the photobooth generates.
If you're lucky, you'll see the Jesus rappers before entering Trunk Space. Last time I was there, I was privileged to hear a particular piece about Jesus and how he will CRUSH! me. I like hearing people talk about their deity as though he is a particularly moody lover.

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