Monday, May 25, 2009

Activity Quest Adventure Challenge

Activity Quest Adventure Challenge

This could very well be the most important self published zine style non comic book anthology you will ever be involved with.



chest piece

wormy legs

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two legs


This is actually an old print sewn into a new composition. The fabrics and buttons are all re-used, mostly from the stuff my friend Brooks was getting rid of.


I'm moving away from the ungulate chimera shape a little, and getting more into just people shapes, and working with imperfect sewing. My sewing is entirely self taught, so I've tried very hard to disguise that by making things as perfect as I can. But right now, I'm playing with exposed seams, and running stuff through the washer to tangle and unravel them a little more before finishing.


Also, I'm organizing another print exchange. This one is very small and space is limited, so email me if you're interested.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Secret kept

Bleach screenprinted on procion dyed fabric, and then hours of sewing.

Secret kept

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the dark


A cockroach in the hallway today displayed none of the behavioral symptoms of cockroach-ness. It failed to run away, it peered at the light, and it didn't crouch down when I did so to investigate it. Its antennae flicked lazily back and forth, tasted the air as I disturbed it and sent tiny molecules of myself, regarding me as I regarded it. It and its peers have survived unmolested by evolution for centuries because of their desire to be together in the dark.

To be in the light alone is to die for a cockroach, and not only the limited range of species who've moved to the apartments and restaurants of the urban undergrowth. In rotting logs and beneath fallen leaves moist with decay stoop the tiny millions of them, unrecognizable to us accustomed to only the date brown of the kitchen dweller.

The ant and the bee, the tireless metaphors for labor--the tiny women of work who have become so accustomed to their own task that they will pursue it regardless of the presence of their thread waisted siblings. Not so the cockroach, for whom solitude is anathema. The ant and the bee are marked and modified numerous times by the fractional change of mutation, but today's cockroach would be indistinguishable from one thousands of years previous and thousands of years hence.


Why, little cockroach, don't you want to huddle in the dark?

PS If you ever want to buy any of the art I post, please message me. All of my work is for sale as long as it hasn't been sold yet.

PPS I have a piece at the UAM in Long Beach, with a reception on the 14th of this month. You should come and pretend you don't know me, and then say something in an outside voice about how wonderful that one piece by Camilla Taylor is.