Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Postcards for pals, part 3

Three new postcards sent to pals who live far afield from my home in Los Angeles. Linocut, screenprint, and watercolored postcard sent to Joey Behrens in Ohio:
Colored pencil and monoprint postcard sent to Paul Kaloper in South Dakota:
Linocut, monoprint, and chine colle with hand coloring sent to Miguel Aragan in Austin, TX:

Friday, May 18, 2012

RipRap, 34

Here it is, my first book cover job. Ah, so exhausting this was. I designed the imagery given the few themes that loosely unified the contributing artists and writers: that they were in California, and mostly attend(ed) California State University, Long Beach. From that, I riffed on the California flag for the bear imagery and kept the palate pretty muted, because hey, you don't hire me because you were expecting neons, do you? The anthology was made in an edition of 650, with 50 of those being part of the deluxe edition and printed on dark blue paper with gun metal grey foiling on the text. Even though it's not "deluxe" I think I prefer the regular colorway on the grey paper. If you're interested, I have some of the left over state proofs for sale here on my etsy.
And hey, look, here some unflattering pictures of me screenprinting this massive edition and all of the covers laid out to dry on my studio floor: