Monday, June 27, 2011

I took the train from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.  Sleeping through half of it, I woke up to the news of a death and the landscape of central Nevada slipping by.

In the suburbs of Salt Lake, I am a visitor from a distant place, someone who lives in Babylon, who doesn't own the correct clothes or the ability to speak the same anymore.  They have supplies are laid up in basements and closets, carefully marked and maintained, waiting for the day.  But the day doesn't come, though they know it will.  They love me, but they don't understand how I can live without this preparation, so close to Gomorrah, so close to the end.

From the MFA Show: "But I didn't know"

This piece is seven feet tall and was constructed in the gallery.  I worked on it right up until the day of the opening.  It wasn't laziness, it was because the size meant that I had no other space big enough to put all of the pieces together.

Monday, June 20, 2011

From the MFA Show: "Unravel (B)"

Here is this piece in its final incarnation at my MFA exhibit in the Werby Gallery on the CSULB campus.  
Relief print on fabric, welded steel.

Friday, June 17, 2011

From the MFA Show

I had my MFA show at the very end of the spring semester, during finals week, giving me as much time as possible to finish the work.  Because of all this extra time, the work was all new, finished in 2011, and fewer students looking for dinner came to the opening reception than usual.

The tall piece, seven feet tall, had to be assembled in the gallery because I don't have enough room in my workspace to put the components together.  Lighting, as usual, takes longer than I think it will and even then,
it's not quite satisfying.  The work in the show is screenprinted and reliefprinted, sewn, and welded steel.