Friday, August 27, 2010

Small People


In the past couple of months I've been really getting into making jewelry and wearables. It's sort of a waste of time right now, as I should be devoting more of my efforts into my thesis project and not into things that don't relate to my thesis. Well, at least I'll be brilliantly accessorized when that final show rolls around in the spring.

I made these in an "edition" of 100. The quotation marks are because the doll brooches aren't prints, though the faces are made partially with a mold, so editioning them is a little different. Each doll comes packaged in a frame tin with a unique mixed technique print in the back.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I am expanding out ever farther like dandelion fluff.




Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Unwitting Collaborator, part 2

Three more in the Unwitting Collaborator series in which I use discarded prints and drawings as the base for an image. Two of these have chine colle-ed tea bags. The letterpress pieces are from the University of Utah's letterpress studio trashbin, and then carted all the way back to Long Beach, CA, so they're doubly scrounged from the trash: the first time as discarded prints, and then revitalized with discarded type.

Letterpress, monoprint, screenprint:

unwitting collaborator

Relief print, monoprint, chine colle, letterpress:
unwitting collaborator

Etching, letterpress, monoprint, chine colle:

unwitting collaborator

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bleach Screenprinting

This is a screenprint using bleach suspended in a clear matrix instead of ink on found black paper. Though it's somewhat toxic (wear a gas mask and work in a ventilated area) bleach prints are so much fun to make. Even though you know damn well what the screenprint will look like, there's a magic to pulling the print and watching the image develop from black to the bleached out golds and browns, and sometimes even blues (for some reason, black velvet often bleaches out to blue). This print is actually about a year old, but I'm going to be trying some new bleach prints this August.