Sunday, December 31, 2006

Teacup Fountain

Would you like to know what wonderful thing I just discovered? Searching on Google Image Search for specific colors. It's pure visual opium. Plus, you get an excuse to word phrases like "thalo blue" and "alizarin crimson" as you type them out, mouthing them like phantom candies. How delicious.

There's a massive white stucko and glass monstrosity near the freeway. The sign, above the blank LED screen, proclaims the monstrosity to be the domain of "Le Nature," a recently defunct bottled water comapny. In fact, the company is so recently defunct that near simultaneous to the completion of the massive headquarters, the company went out of business. Across the street from this sad corpse of corporate failure, guarded by one inattentive and evidently very sleepy watchman, is this magnificent makeshift fountain, all sparkly and wonderful:

Monday, December 18, 2006


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This is the first Xmas away from Utah in years. J and I decided to stay in Phoenix this year, what with air travel being so unpleasant and pricey, and we're sort of at a festivity impass. Neither of us really are attached to the holiday, but we like it sorta. With this half-assed enthusiasm in mind, I threw together a couple things to dress up the living room. Above, is the "tree." It's made of left over upholstery velvet (from the couch) and buttons collected from years of disliking to sew on missing buttons.


My family has two beloved traditions for 12/25. The first is fruit soup, a heady concoction of fruit and spices that I've found other people who weren't raised adoring it simply can't stomach. The other is stockings stuffed with little items, with the toe of the stocking plumped with the ever present orange. I wasn't going to convince J to consume fruit soup with me, lord knows he's politely declined it countless times in the past, so I whipped up a stocking for him. The stocking is the foot of a giant stuff dog, which was previously eviscerated and plundered for stuffing and fabric for various other projects
. I stitched his name onto the top, using letters taken from various other scraps in the ever growing pile of scrap fabric.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Paper Wasp

This took forever.

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And one on Art History notes:
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The next few prints will be ones in preparation for my print show in March in Phoenix.

Baby Bird

I was thinking how the ground is littered with the corpses of babies birds every Spring. Maybe I'll draw some more of these guys then.

I printed on old homework and handouts from school. The intention is to wheatpaste these all over town. We'll see if I actually do it.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Upcoming events

Guess what! i'm a real live person and I do stuff! No, really, it's true. I promise. I'm not actually a fictitious character created for the purpose of more effectively selling prescription medication. Don't believe me? For proof of my corporreality, I present the following.

I've got a couple shows coming up, so here's a brief calender. You all, and I mean every single one of you, should attend these events:

Friday, December 1st--Gift Show at Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ. Open 6 pm till midnight, and all of my stuff is priced below $50, most of it around $20. There's also the work of quite a few other local artists besides myself, but who the hell cares about them? Nobody, that's who.

Ok, so the reception is over and I wasn't even there because I was home with whispering requests for tea because I had strep and I'd lost my voice. But I'm sure it was awesome, and the show runs till January 7th, so you've ample time to still go.
You can even purchase pretty barrettes like the ones modeled here, by the incomparable Molly Crabapple.

Friday, December 15th--Pickle Company Xmas Exhibit. Well, I'll be in it if I can frame and mail off stuff for it in time. So, don't plan your life around it or anything.

Friday, March 2nd--As of yet unnamed show at Femina Potens in San Francisco. I don't yet know what this show will be called, but rest assured, it will be a title both confusing and pedantic. Should you have been to privileged as to have seen "Invisible Coterie" in Salt Lake or "The Self & the Shadow" in Phoenix, then you will see more of the same series at this show.

Friday, April 20th--Tentatively titled "What I owe to the people who have loved me" (but maybe that's a little too sentimental for me) at Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ. Open 6 pm till midnight. This show will seriously ruin lives because it will be so awesome. You will step into the gallery, and quite possible die because your life will have been fulfilled at the moment you beheld this exhibit.