Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Boxes

I have had goals to make a present for all of my loved ones on my birthday, but in the last couple of years I've been lax in this endeavor. One year, I handpainted thrifted mugs and bowls, and another I made plush tentacles. But making labor intensive presents would necessitate that I keep the list of recipients short, and there would inevitably be someone whose feelings would be hurt.

I'm 30 this year, as of January 22nd, and this year I made something easily mass produced and easily mailed through the post to avoid having to cut my list of recipients short and to keep myself from going broke from postage. However, I'm also lazy when it comes to implementation so most of my intended recipients via the mail have yet to receive their cards because I've yet to mail them.

birthday boxes

Three color screenprint on paper. Four variations of background pattern (polk-a-dots, stripes, faux bois, and damask), and three possible variations of faces plus glasses.

birthday boxes

This fancy photo backdrop is made by taping two pieces of office paper together. Very fancy.

birthday boxes

birthday boxes

I bought my first metal flask for my birthday present to myself. Because adults need to be prepared to drink at all times.

Saturday, March 26, 2011



A small child runs towards me--his small face set and grim, a thin string of mucus dried above his lip.  "Hello there," I say.  He hurls a fistfull of wet sand at me.

Sunset cliffs, Ocean Beach, San Diego



Monday, March 14, 2011

Business Men, 2

Update: Because a few of have expressed interest (well, to be honest, one person), if you send me $5 I'll send you ten cards. Or, if you see me in person I'll just give you one.

I gave away a six inch stack of business cards at the LA Art Show. Though I didn't see an increase in page views to any of my sites, it doesn't hurt to give away a little something for free, especially when it costs me only a little bit of labor. But because of this I was all out of business cards, and I've got a show coming up this weekend.


Since these were new, I took the opportunity to get an easier to remember URL and added five new characters to the collection. Here are the five new ones:


These are the three old ones. There's also a blank businessman, so you can draw in your own face.


These are screenprints and watercolor on found paper. I keep a box in the printshop for people to put their discarded prints in, and that's what I use for the unwitting collaborator series and I use the smaller pieces of paper for this. You can see how diverse the paper stock is because of this:



Monday, March 07, 2011


black on black

This piece is a work in progress. There are currently four figures, and I intend on there being nine when it's finished. It's plastisol screenprint on cotton, steel, polymer clay and ephemera. It's all black on black, which I adore, but is perhaps a tad gimmicky. This piece is still untitled.

black on black

I took a week off to work on my project report, the written portion of my MFA thesis. Studio art majors don't need to write very much for their thesis, as most of our work is supposed to be the art, but I still wanted to make it worth saving in the archives of the library, and so spent far too long on it. I researched the correct amount of spaces to put after terminal punctuation for at least an hour or more (it's two spaces in a thesis paper in California, fyi).

black on black

On March 19th, the 2010 SGC Student Fellowship Exhibit Reception