Wednesday, October 31, 2007

skills extend to

My skateboarding skills extend to moving in a fairly straight line, avoiding inclines, and doing that little jump to get over cracks.

Acrylic on wooden deck, shirt.


The pink one in the middle:
No, no you may not.

Show info here.
Closing reception on November 2nd.

I highly recommend you buy one of my decks, because I really don't want to have them after the show comes down. How do you even store that thing? It's shaped all wonky.

Paper mache in process, results forthcoming:
paper mache in process

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bizarre sunburn

Super Fun Activity Challenge!
super fun
That, the above, is the never show I'm putting together. "Predilection" is at an end, all that's left is to get checks cut and mail portfolios to the out of state artists.

The Super Fun Activity Challenge is open to everyone, but there's limited space so not all entries will be used. So make yours amazing.

I push sunscreen on people like it's an addictive substance that I've a large stake in, and use it myself with such devotion, it's a wonder I've not been whited out entirely. Sadly, all of that discipline was for naught, and I got a bizarre shaped sunburn while working on what will become a giant monkey skeleton. Now it's all itchy and painful and weird looking, like a half assed attempt at those insipid wing tattoos.

Bizarre sunburn

The monkey skeleton is that of a squirrel monkey. Squirrel monkeys have the greatest brain to body ratio of all simians (1/17, whereas we humans are at 1/35) and the females of the species number among the exclusive membership of those possessing pseudo peni. My squirrel monkey is made out of paper mache, and is intended for the Day of the Dead Parade coming up soon in Tucson. As work as progressed on the monkey, I've become less generous with its company. Initially, we were going to let anyone who wanted to help carry it around, but now we're only letting people who've actually worked on it (with one exception) tote it around on dowels. That unsatiated itch on my back might have something to do with it, and the tiny piles of wheatpaste, dried on my skin and then picked off, throughout the house might have something to do with my miserliness as well.


Two other artists and I went on a four day long roadtrip to Salt Lake City (two days driving, two days in SLC). One had never been to SLC before, and the other hadn't lived there in years and only had family in the city. I was careful about which of my friends we hung out with, choosing the most gregarious, clever, and friendly (a journalist, a musician, and a painter) of the bunch so that the out of towners wouldn't feel alienated and weird. By the end of the trip, Steph and David had this utopic vision of SLC (it is pretty cool), that all the artists in the city had great stories to tell, had sudden parties filled with adorable cyclists, and accepted strangers with open arms. I nearly drank the draught too, and was filled with nostalgia for my hometown. But I'll return a champion and victor or nothing at all, and elusive victory is not yet mine.

It snowed the second day we were in town. I was not dressed for the weather.


Phoenicians, you all should come out for my second Swap-o-rama-rama this Sunday, the 14th. The last one got a "Best of" award from Phoenix New Times (though the yellow journalists of the rag failed to cite my name, and only included the names of the venue owners). I even screenprinted posters. How's that for DIY ethic?

Machine flier