Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Three headed cat

I wanted to give all my friends a present for New Year's Day.  Originally, I though a family portrait (me, my partner, our cat) would be perfect, but the partner didn't want to be in it, and I thought it would send the wrong message if it was just me and the cat.  So it became just the cat, Mulcifer, which I think was the best to begin with anyway.

Two color relief print (a sintracut) with screenprint for the calendar bit.  Printed with Gamblin's Portland black on Rives BFK.
My inking glass slab is salvaged glass from discarded scanners.  The glass is thick and holds up well, plus it's for free.

I'm thinking about listing a couple of the leftover calendar's on my etsy.  Anyone interested?

Edited to add: If you want one, you can find it here.