Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Way


I'm so busy I think I may vomit from the stress, but, you know, in a good way.


Monday, September 10, 2007

baser emotions

Preliminary sketch for Jason Webley poster. Antlers? Yes or now? I think that they are necessary, just as much as the accordion. I'm going to burn the screen for this tomorrow, so I need to finish it up fast. I would have drawn it faster, but I spent a good portion of my day futzing around with fliers.
Preliminary sketch for Jason Webley poster

Deck! No, I don't skateboard. In fact, when given a deck for a skateboard, I render it useless. If you asked me if you could use this for it's intended purpose, if you may ride it, I would respond "No. No, you may not." And that is the title of the piece. This is for a show opening at MonOrchid in Phoenix on the 20th of October. Here's a little gem 'o' knowledge for you: monorchid means "one testicle." I think I know something personal about the gallery owner, and I've yet to even meet the man. If you really want to know why I participated in this show, I will tell you. MonOrchid is in this grand warehouse. It's gorgeous, and every time I go to a show there I want to be a part of its little loose stable of artists, just to show in such a space. There's always a door in the corner, ajar, with sounds of muted merrymaking coming from behind it. But there is also always a miniature pencil skirted woman behind the door, stopping any unwanted entrants with "this is a private party." And now, friends, now I can get into that private party. And by god, if there's no private party for this show, I'll go buy a sixpack and a tent, and an automated tiny doll shooing other interested people away. Yes, it may appal you to find that I am subject to the baser emotions of envy, but there it is.
blue eyes

The aforementioned futzing really shouldn't have eaten up so much time. I mean really, look at this. The other fliers aren't much more complex than this one. And because this one is so lacklustre, I'm going to invest even more time in the bowels of Photoshop vainly labouring at making a better one.
predilection flier