Sunday, February 25, 2007

Print hovel

I accidentally printed some thread on the face of one of the faun. I'm going to use it anyway, even though variety isn't necessarily a good quality in an edition.

I've been seeing all of these beautiful studios lately. Studios with quaint charming furniture, perfectly organized, and brightly painted walls. Studios your effervescent friends would be eager to get a peek into after dinner parties, and where you'd lounge about on cute furniture, having sparkling conversation with pretty people. In comparison, I'm working in a print hovel. Fie on those people who work in clean pretty places. FIE!

Their parts will be sewn together to form the pieces. This is one of the first steps in my "sculptural" prints.


I realized that all of my upcoming shows, not counting the one that already opened in Salt Lake City, are restricted to participants only of my gender. First, GIRLS in Portland (at DebraJeans gallery), Invisible Coterie in San Francisco, then Seven Brides Electrified at Jail Gallery in LA, and you could even count my solo show here in Phoenix as one too. Strange, isn't it? Mind you, I'm in no way complaining. I only find it odd because I personally know so few female artists.

Invisible Coterie opens Friday, March 2, at Femina Potens Gallery. I bought new shoes for this opening, that I've yet to wear. I absolutely did not need new shoes, but these shoes just ooze with some ineffible quality that produces the urge to buy vast amounts of art from the wearer of the shoes. Or so I'd like to think, anyway.

GIRLS opens Thursday, March 1, at Secret Tiger Club Gallery

Wednesday, February 14, 2007