Monday, April 30, 2012

Postcards for pals, part 2

As part of my project to send out a printed handmade postcard to a friend for each day of April, Sent to Tommy H. in Chicago:
Sent to Colin Roe Ledbetter in Kansas:
Sent to Nate and Debbie in Salt Lake City:
And here's Sarah's postcard in its new environment:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Postcards for pals, part 1

My goal for April was to send out a single postcard for each day of the month. All postcards I handmade and I sent each one to a different friend who lives far way from me. I hope these all made it to their destinations relatively unscathed.

Linocut on found paper, sent to the artist Tim Musso

Linocut and monoprint on found paper, sent to the artist and gallery owner Stephanie Carrico

Linocut on found paper, sent to the writer Nathan C. Martin

Monoprint, watercolor, and colored pencil, sent to my pal Sarah W.

Woodcut and watercolor on found paper, sent to my pal Shawn M.

Linocut on found paper, sent to my pal David J.

Here's Shawn's, having safely arrived in Louisiana:

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Conversationalists, Part 2

Here's the second print I made for the demo I did at AR4t Gallery as part of the Dennis McNett show. I think of them as two heads having an awkward conversation.

It's linocut on paper in an edition of 200. I added a ton of Japan drier to the ink so that I wouldn't take prints that were completely wet home with me. It actually worked pretty well, and the prints were completely dry to the touch the morning after printing.

These guys are for sale on my etsy site, here.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Conversationalists, part 1

I went all the way from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach to see the Whale of Gratitude show by Dennis McNett. It was pretty amazing, which wasn't particularly surprising, but I was a little surprised and pleased when the gallery owners invited me to do an inhouse demonstration of relief printmaking during the Laguna Artwalk. Dennis McNett is a Brooklyn based artist, and so couldn't attend both receptions.

I carved two new blocks for the demo. They're both a single color linoleum block on a variety of paper stocks in an edition of 100 each and can be left flat or folded into a three dimensional little paper ball.

I had a lot of fun having a couple little kids help me crank the press, and it's wonderful when people applaud when you pull a new print off the block like it's a magic trick.