Saturday, December 29, 2007

In suits

New poster art. I think I'm going to try to sell the original on or something. The last one I gave away, and the one before that was just a photoshop composite of painting with text overlaid, but this one I've actually still got and I need some W.A.M. soon to deflect all the costs of making slides, and getting transcripts, and paying fees, and overnighting packages.

penguin suits

My first show for 2008. I was much more excited when I was initially invited to be in this show than I am about it now. Most of the artists aren't printmakers, but I guess that just means I get to show everyone else up with my sweet actual printmaker action.

I'll be modeling for Dr. Sketchy's tomorrow (Sunday, December 30th) at Trunkspace in Phoenix, 1506 NW Grand from 7 to 10 pm. I need to dig up something remotely burlesque-y to wear.

Old rejected set. Say stuff about it, if you're so inclined.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 to 3 years

One day, I want to meet Cory McAbee, so that my mouth may fill with cumbersome rocks, impossible to talk around.

For the past few years, each time I curate a show, I always invite him to participate. He's yet to accept, but always responds with witty demuring emails.

Suicidegirls recently rejected this action:
From "Say My Name"
In this series of photos, I illustrate the American style pronunciation of Roethke. Very informative. Click on the picture if you're the sort interested in that manner of thing.
roethke roethke

I'm knee deep in graduate school application nonsense. I've narrowed my list down to 5 schools, and am laboring away at the essays, attempting wit and brevity and brilliance in short 120 eighty character lines. The great morass of slides was reduced to a coherent and Spartan 20 (15 for Austin), but I'm afraid that I can't find any of my old ethings to include. Hopefully, that one oversite won't cost me. The hope is that Long Beach, Austin, Chicago, Providence, or Minneapolis will be my residence of 2 to 3 years at least.

Any of you Phoenicians reading this should consider attending the last Phoenix Dr. Sketchy's of 2007 at Trunk Space, Dec. 30th. I shall be there, this time for reals.
sketchys december

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Salt Lake, Again

At my friend Xkot's salon, Elegba has a spot in the corner, next to the door (where Elegba should be) and I imagine, that given Xkot's reputation for being so adept at cutting children's hair, Elegba must lose quite a few of his lollipops. Xkot gives people a slightly different version of themselves, the well coiffed and groomed version, so it seems fitting that Elegba is there to be ingratiated to at this occasion, this switching over. I went to a printmaker's lecture once where the artist showed us slides, and before she turned the lights back on to resume the lecture, she gave a small offering to Elegba, because she didn't know what would be there when the lights went back on. That's how I first met Eshu, first heard of what he was responsible for.
Above Elegba, my dinosaur and nervous hospital pony stand next to Xkot's heart. Xkot gave me a hair cut, and it took him not quite all of five minutes. Xkot has my two favorite dolls from this series, or at least he has them in his salon until I take them back or someone buys them. I keep meaning to take those two, the nervous pony, and the bighanded cautius little man, but always decide that whoever buys art from a salon with Elegba in the corner in Utah of all places, must be a good sort and a deserving home.
Wee people

All of the blocks
My sister's children adore me. I find it's easy to maintain such adoration when you see someone rarely and always bring gifts when you do visit. And well worth the getting of presents to hear the crimson haired hellions yell a garbled version of your name shrilly when you arrive.

blitz wheel

dustin & xkot

My favorite gallery was sold. After January, Kayo Gallery will be in the hands of a some strange woman, who may not be so lax about display methods as Kenny was. I tensely await the outcome.