Monday, March 14, 2011

Business Men, 2

Update: Because a few of have expressed interest (well, to be honest, one person), if you send me $5 I'll send you ten cards. Or, if you see me in person I'll just give you one.

I gave away a six inch stack of business cards at the LA Art Show. Though I didn't see an increase in page views to any of my sites, it doesn't hurt to give away a little something for free, especially when it costs me only a little bit of labor. But because of this I was all out of business cards, and I've got a show coming up this weekend.


Since these were new, I took the opportunity to get an easier to remember URL and added five new characters to the collection. Here are the five new ones:


These are the three old ones. There's also a blank businessman, so you can draw in your own face.


These are screenprints and watercolor on found paper. I keep a box in the printshop for people to put their discarded prints in, and that's what I use for the unwitting collaborator series and I use the smaller pieces of paper for this. You can see how diverse the paper stock is because of this:





Look how wee they are!


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