Monday, January 05, 2009

Sculpted Multiples

This was my final for my monotype class. They're monotype on fabric, original form pattern with white flannel, hand made ceramic faces and graphite.

the fellows

They were an absurdly arduous undertaking and took me ages to finish, sewing them right up till the deadline. The little quilt they are on is sort of my epiphany for the semester--creating an environment for the pieces, and controlling their context more. I've been toying with the idea of merging the medium and techniques which I like most now, printing on fabric and then making volumes out of them, and the sculpted ceramic pieces I made a few years back. These fellows aren't the most seemless marriage, but I think I can do something exciting with this in the future.

a face


There are two flat wall pieces which went along with this whole thing, but being less exciting I haven't gotten a good photo of them yet, but you can see them up in this photo of Ah Rong watching me set up:

Setting up

Here's the professor of the class and I:

camilla & chris

P.S. Check Drawerman out on Printeresting.

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