Friday, December 26, 2008

Lou, cont'd

I like this sort of slow revealing of photos from a shoot. Now that I've all but stopped trying to work with photographers, the occasional unpaid shoot with a great photographer is more pleasant, and seeing the photos is a lovely unexpected surprise as opposed to an eventual end to waiting for my share of the TFP work, or seeing if the paying photographer will even deign to let me see them at all.

Anyhow, photo by Lou O'Bedlam:

Photo by Laura
Photo by Laura
Photo by Lou

Cover-alls over thermals I wear today, to venture to the unoccupied print shop to hoard the solitude.

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ainesse said...

Hello again Camilla

Havent been on your blog in ages so thought I'd drop by -- should be doing other stuff now but hey-- it's new years day - it's a bank holiday so bugger it.

On your Flickr album page you wrote "I used resingrave block and a burin to carve it" Whats resingrave?

Oh and I saw you made a print of a house to cut-out and make up into a 3D one!!..... I'd love to be in a project/exhibition with some other artists who use/make the house form, from a printmaking basis. If you have any ideas or hear of anything let me know. I will load up the most recent stuff along these lines onto my blog soon. Working my way towards it in the UPDATING "chronologicalistically" (GW - ism) sense.

bye for now