Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LA Art Show

The Los Angeles Printmaking Society borrowed my wee press (Wernecke) because the LA Art Show had granted them one of the nonprofit booths at their massive and exuberantly pricey event.

I demo-ed collagraphy and monoprinting, after soaking my paper in the hotel bathtub and bringing it in a wetpack. Though I just did those two media, everything considered printmaking but lithography was presented throughout the show.

Printmaking Demo at LA Art Show

A couple of people wanted to buy the prints I made, and I impressed upon them my willingness to sell them those prints just as soon as I was allowed to do so given the rules of the event. Sadly, none of them emailed me later on, but the event was fun anyway, and was worth it to meet the bizarre people who think spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on art is a hobby. In fact, they are exactly the sort of hobbyists I'd like to meet more of.

Printmaking Demo at LA Art Show

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