Monday, December 01, 2008

Nobody else does it. Not ever.

Monoscreenprinting is a medium I see few to no people working in, but I always adore using it whenever I get to it. The specifics of is can be a bit tricky, so I'm not going to get into a technical description of it here, especially as I'm working up a proposal for IMPACT to do a demonstration of it there next year.

I mixed my own black in watercolor, using complementary colors mixed together instead o just using the blakc out of the tube. This way, the black reticulated into slightly varying shades and color separations as the paint settled and dried.

Here are my screens, painted and drying:

This one is just monoscreen, nothing else:


And then with these two I added flat matte areas for the clothes, trying to create that dissonance between soft painterly areas with hard edged solid areas:

Grey Hoodie

Grey Coat

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