Friday, October 03, 2008

Men, print 1

David Collagraph

Holy crap, I'm back!

I'm working slowly on a series of portraits of men I'm friends with. This is the first finished one, and it's a collagraph of David Bessent. There are loads more prints besides this one, but I'm going to try to stick to a schedule of posting a new print, and a pretty ok one at that, every Friday. I'm back in school as a graduate student at CSULB, so it really shouldn't be hard to keep up with.

Here's the plate:
collograph plate

and the history of inking before I arrived at the top image as the final print:

Various inkings of the David print


ainesse said...

Holy Crap..I'm on your frigging blog now Camilla .....whatever next.

You've really got me thinking about potato prints now - I think I might try one again (not since childhood etc etc)
Oh and you also made me realize that I have been spelling that word incorrectly for years in that now brings up a peculiar image of a bulbous creature with just the one toe. Your blog is wry and I like that.

Keep cracking that whip on yourself there and keep that old press moving and please Gawd dont be making any pretty lady art yuck ...thats exactly why I k=like your stuff ...its got guts !!!

And oh my gawd....abstract ...gimme a break !!!!!!

its just so boring....zzzzzzzzzz



JetJames said...

Great! I like the colours and your use of materials. Awesome :D