Sunday, December 31, 2006

Teacup Fountain

Would you like to know what wonderful thing I just discovered? Searching on Google Image Search for specific colors. It's pure visual opium. Plus, you get an excuse to word phrases like "thalo blue" and "alizarin crimson" as you type them out, mouthing them like phantom candies. How delicious.

There's a massive white stucko and glass monstrosity near the freeway. The sign, above the blank LED screen, proclaims the monstrosity to be the domain of "Le Nature," a recently defunct bottled water comapny. In fact, the company is so recently defunct that near simultaneous to the completion of the massive headquarters, the company went out of business. Across the street from this sad corpse of corporate failure, guarded by one inattentive and evidently very sleepy watchman, is this magnificent makeshift fountain, all sparkly and wonderful:

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