Monday, April 04, 2011


Using waterbased textile ink, I screenprinted flies all over these grey American Apparel tights. I stretched the tights over a flat piece of paste board (don't use corrugated cardboard!) and rotated them to cover the whole piece with a polka dot pattern of flies. I heat sealed each fly with a heat gun, which should have been adequate, but sadly the flies faded significantly after the first wash. Thankfully, I got to wear them at least once before they became less than impressive. Next time I'll try using plastisol instead of the waterbased.


Ever so slightly NSFW photo after the jump



Anonymous said...

Camilla, Next time wash before you print. Print then heat set. Whenever printing on fabrics wash first. You will notice it will not wash out. Susan

Camilla Taylor said...

I actually did wash them a few times before printing. And these were heat set with a heat gun. I think it's just the fabric because it's nylon. I've never had trouble with t-shirts.