Monday, February 07, 2011

LA Art Show 2011, and even more prints

In addition to screenprinting and collaborating with Linda Lyke, I also printed some mono/collagraph/relief prints on my own. I didn't prepare as much as I should have for these demos. I just grabbed a bunch of old plates and used those to generate the prints instead of making something new specifically for the event. I prefer my prints from the event last year to this one, but I did have more time then and much fewer people to talk to. Being chatty and friendly while working is so difficult.

From the LA Art Show facebook page:
Demo-ing at the LA Art Show

This one is from an old collagraph plate with a chine colle. The image is from the collagraphe and it's just inked ala poupe.

Chine colle onto blank paper with kitikata of a collagraph and relief print. The block is from a much older print.

This guy I carved while giving a linocut assignment to my class last semester.

Same linocut, chine colle and collagraph:

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