Sunday, January 10, 2010



My first stop motion animation! Made using the little dolls I make. I want to make an animation using much bigger things that is longer, so this is my practice to see if I can actually make a stop motion at all.

I sell these dolls at Frosty Darling in Salt Lake City, if'n you're interested.


Ironed Orchid said...

That's kinda adorable

Prophecy said...

These are cute. Made me smile a little on a rainy day. Make more!!

The_Lone_Wolf_Of_The_Pack said...

these r really cool Im to stupid to do someting like tht knowing me Id mess up and it would be a disaster

Christina said...

I wish I could make something like this! Those little fellows are adorable! Good work!

Lakeside Phantom said...

I like how you constructed the video as an infinite loop, especially since it reflects the "spin" motif.