Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The great and mighty task

I've been intending to finish my website all summer, but never did much besides become irrationally enraged with the complexities of XML and other mysterious code language. My professor an another graduate student had made a pact to finish their websites by the end of the summer break, and I had thought about how I should really do the same thing. The only real reason I did get around to finally figuring it all out was because I thought classes started a week earlier than they actually did, and since I found myself with another week's worth of vacation I had no excuse but to finish the task I had avoided for the past three months.

There are still quite a few little problems that I can't figure out no matter how much I try with my limited knowledge, like why the cursor doesn't change when you mouse over some links even though those links still work. But, I'll get that done eventually and it's rather small when compared to all of the other bits I finished, like getting functional flash galleries up and having a reasonably navigable site with little foreknowledge of html.

it is done

the Website

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