Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It snowed

Lula Cafe

To Chicago I went, where I learned things which can only serve to contribute to further failure to get to work, returned home feeling like someone had spent the duration of the previous night in attempts to kill me by slow throttling. THe blame for this sudden onset of sickness I place upon the great masses of children I came into contact with while in Chicago. Children are filthy and carriers of disease. That is an accepted fact.

At an Arial Pink show (or Oral Pink, or Aural Pink, I was never quite sure which), Nate, my new Chicago friend Akasha and I danced like 5 year olds and got yelled at by other more staid music appreciators. A hairdresser told me that I had a great haircut, and I embarrassed myself with my enthusiasm for the complement.

The conference I was ostensible in town to attend I spent as little time at as possible. After vainly attempting to attend the overpacked demonstrations and panel discussions, I ended up spending the majority of my time with my resident Chicago friends and getting cold walking through weather I'm not well suited to.

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