Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ahh, I'm such a lazy. I'm working on some big new things, I'm getting all packed up for Southern Graphics Council Convention, but in the meantime I fiddle away at little trivial projects like this.

Discharge screenprint on tights:
(those are shopping carts, by the by)

I dyed the tights using acid dyes, then stretched them over card and screenprinted using bleach mixed with transparent base. The bleach broke down the trans base pretty quickly, so some of the carts aren't as crisp as the others. I've since made another pair of tights using a different method which worked much better and I will post those later.

In more actual art news, I have a print in this show:

Prodigal Son

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Sarah said...

Those tights are great. I love how you use printmaking in such unconventional ways.