Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Half cents

Warren Ellis blogged about me. Granted, it was in a completely perfunctory name and image posting only minimal information given sort of a way. But that isn't what counts. What counts here is that Warren Ellis blogged about me. My brother is going to be so jealous.

Oh, Kinkos. The relationship I have with you is just not healthy. You charge 8.5 cents per copy, although you insist, at least in print, that you only charge 8 cents. Are you saying I can't do simple addition, Kinkos? Really, now you're just being insulting. I had to account for those extra half cents, Kinkos, and that's why I took your gluesticks. Really, you drove me to it.

Gentle readers, I direct your attention to my newly added list of friend's blogs over there on your right. Those people, no doubt, have far more interesting things to say than I.

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Katherine Of It All said...

Damn you, Kinkos. Why do you insist on lying to those who love you?