Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sweet rolls

Sweet rolls
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast last weekend. I wanted to go to the new Goodwill near our house, and so I let the dough rise while I rifled through old crockery, wondering about who left the coffee stains. I needed more cups and bowls for painting on, and my haul ended up being somewhat disappointing. I didn't find the matched saucers and cups I was hoping for, because Goodwill separates the cups from the saucers, and I didn't have time to find mates on separate shelves because I had to get home and finish the rolls. But, I did find some amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheets. I intend to make more of these tomorrow. After I made them, I raved about them to some friends, and of course I at them all before said friends found reasons to "just be in the neighborhood." I really should know better. You can't brag about how tasty your baking is and not intend to offer it to the person who was polite enough to listen to your bragging.

These two bowls were just sent to Nate and Whitney in Kansas:

By the way, I'm having a sewing party on the 18th of February. I need help sewing my dolls for my upcoming show, and in exchange for your slave labour I will feed you and give you a piece of artwork (if you so desire) and I will credit you in press materials for the show. What an offer! Who couldn't refuse that? So, friendly Phoenicians who don't intend on robbing me or those just passing through, let me know if you're interested.

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