Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sea Creatures and Insects

I turned 26 a few days ago. Hurrah for me! I performed the feat of getting older. And in keeping with that,I had a pretty sedate celebration. Had dinner with three friends at Udupi, an Indian restaurant with cuisine from the region of the same name, and went to a bar and two of us had one beer. And we were all home by 10:30. My life isn't really set up to have big parties anymore, and I don't know enough people here to actually fill a party.

Because I didn't really want anything for my birthday besides unattainable purchases that no one can reasonably expect to be purchased by someone else, I decided it was opposite day, and made presents for most, and eventually (hopefully) all of my friends. My initial intent was to do them all in a sea creature them, but then I found out that painting octopi is hard, what with all those tentacles, and that I'm far better at painting insects.

Octopus and Crab

Squid and Crab are buddies

Joe Smith

wasp mug

Flies on the Polar Bear Mug

Flies on the Exodus Mug

Housefly teacup

Let me know if you're interested in how I made them, and I will post a tutorial of some sort.

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arlee said...

The flies! Teach me how to do the flies please!