Sunday, October 29, 2006

Folding over little teeth

These arguably pretty wristbands are the newset addition to things I have made:

I think that I might give in to the pressures of outside forces, and get a credit card. There aren't many reasons for this, but the few that exist are the behemoth known as Etsy, and airplane tickets. I resent Etsy's policy to only do business with people who have a credit card, but resentment isn't going to help me sell stuff.

Remaking shoes is surprisingly easy. There were pictures documenting each step of the remake of these blue pumps, originally very scuffed gold pumps, but then I deleted them all think I had already copied them onto the computer. They're pretty anyway, and have a cute white snappy strap.
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There are not one, but THREE wholesale orders I'm processing right now. Pangea, Vegan Essentials, and Good Vibrations are all slated to recieve heavy packages from me shortly. Success is exciting, even if it is of a minimal variety. Vegan Erotica is no where near needing another employee (and I hope it never will be) but the hours I spend on it are increasing, as is my ability to make things faster.

Pyramid studs, in my opinion, are silly. I don't like they way they look, and I don't like the little teeth that secure them in place. Folding over little teeth seems so insecure, so temporal are way to attach things. But I have great piles of the things, and I need to use them up somehow, and there's no way I'm going to be wearing them, so I finally introduced some items to my catalog that are made with the damn things. But no triple row pyramid stud belts. I will not facilitate someone wearing those.

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