Monday, April 02, 2012

Conversationalists, part 1

I went all the way from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach to see the Whale of Gratitude show by Dennis McNett. It was pretty amazing, which wasn't particularly surprising, but I was a little surprised and pleased when the gallery owners invited me to do an inhouse demonstration of relief printmaking during the Laguna Artwalk. Dennis McNett is a Brooklyn based artist, and so couldn't attend both receptions.

I carved two new blocks for the demo. They're both a single color linoleum block on a variety of paper stocks in an edition of 100 each and can be left flat or folded into a three dimensional little paper ball.

I had a lot of fun having a couple little kids help me crank the press, and it's wonderful when people applaud when you pull a new print off the block like it's a magic trick.

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