Monday, December 26, 2011

Black field with white

I prepped some plates for a demo on indirect drawing,or the "Paul Klee technique" as my boss calls it, but I over inked them, so they never dried to the right consistency. I put them outside for a couple of hours, hoping that the sun would speed up the drying a little but instead the wind deposited a large amount of debris on the surface of the ink. Rather than waste them, I quickly cut out a silhouette, placed it at the bottom of the plate, and ran a print from it.

I like it so much, that I salvaged one of the sheets that someone else threw away from the garbage, soaked it, and ran the ghost on it. The sheet had been crumpled and had a layer of wheatpaste one it already from the previous failed print, imparting an interesting texture to the final image.


Non-Indigenous Woman said...

I love these...

Aine Scannell said...

Hello there mee old Flickr buddy Camilla !!

I 've landed on your blog like some kind of deranged house fly. I am enjoying looking though what you have been getting up to. It's good to see you getting around and doing lots of demos and making lots of contacts and what not.

I liked very much the idea of cutting out the relief prints and then selectively monotype inking them.

Did you mean that you had cut out the shapes like from a piece of lino and then selectively wiped them?.

I suppose I could just cut a piece of acetate and get similar results. Maybe I am missing something here. Please drop me a line if you have the time to explain...........

I have been doing water based reticulated marks onto sturdy acetate which I then put a stencil over and run through the press. I use speedball water based block print ink - its the only one I can afford so I hope its reasonably OK... in terms of longevity.

Of course first I prep the acetate using gum arabic and let it overnight dry. Then I do the mark making - with this one I also added liquid water colour that has a dropper bottle too. I drop isopropyl alcohol onto it as its nearly dry and thats how i get the reticulation happening ( like watercolor paints bleeding into one another)
- I also let that dry overnight.
oh and when you put it through the press onto damp blotted paper (not too blotted though) I let it sit under the blankets for 3 minutes BEFORE - I roll it through the press,

The one I am doing at the moment started turning into a rather complicated monoprint with lino intaglio and inkjet transfer and chine colle .........this is about the 3rd week now but they are nearly finished ........................

take care of yourself


Camilla Taylor said...

I cut out the silhouette from paper. Wax paper works best, or that paper that printmaking paper comes wrapped in is what I typically use. I've found that acetate is too tall and leaves a halo effect around the shape.

That's a really cool idea about getting the waterbased medium to reticulate, dry, then print it. I've tried to get similar results using solvents on oil based ink on a plexiglas, but of course water based reticulationw ould look totally different.