Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Demo of the Semester: Litho

Brian and I finished up our print survey class with the hardest of the media: lithography. It was barbaric: students had to grain the stones themselves with the levigators and carburundum grit, a lengthy process which left a few so beat that they didn't have much left to put into the actual drawings on the stone. Brian was lead on the litho assignment, so I took over the secondary processes. During the printing process, I showed a quick and dirty chine colle using UHU gluestick (it's acid free). Because we required two of their final prints to be experimental in some way, I also showed them how to do an easy butcher paper stencil screenprint over the lithographs.

Litho Demo Print

Litho Demo Print


Jessica said...

I love lithography. Graining the stone gets you well acquainted with the work before you've realized it!

horsefleshproductions said...

I actually really like graining. It's sort of meditative and makes you invest just a little more in the drawing, I think. This assignment made me really miss doing litho (I did tons as an undergrad) but I sadly don't really have the time to make any until I graduate.