Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Many things

ON|PAPER opened. I calculatedly made and wore an elaborate necklace as I figure it's always good to stand out at a reception and give people a reason to talk to you. It's sort of a financially motivated form of "peacocking."

David taught me how to spot weld with a MIG set up, and while I am not very good at it yet I'm good enough for my purely structural purposes.

I have new pieces up at Twentieth Gallery, in the front window, in one of the back rooms, and a little doll brooch that's probably at the sales people's desk.




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Apuleius Platonicus said...

Welding is very cool. When you're welding it's like being a super-hero with super-powers. Also with your welding hood on you can stare straight at the sun during an eclipse.

But watch out for those fumes -- especially with MIG welding. Yuck.