Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Portrait of Angela

Portrait of my friend Angela H. Brown, done in monoserigraphy with powdered graphite and water. Currently in the show "21 Days" at Pravus Gallery in Phoenix, AZ.


jodi said...

Can you explain this process, and how you're printing from the positive image you've painted? Is it a resist process?

horsefleshproductions said...

Hey Jodi, you can see photos of the process here:

I make a stencil in the screen, and then paint with watercolor, or in the case of this entry powdered graphite, directly on the screen in the stencil area. Then I pull a print from the screen using transparent base instead of a pigmented ink. The trans base moves the painting from the screen to the paper.

jodi said...

A-HA! Trans base was the vital missing piece of information that makes it all make sense. I looked at your photos before and couldn't draw the line from what I saw there to the finished product. Thanks! I'll be trying this out soon.