Wednesday, December 30, 2009



The night before I left for SLC, I made some last minute Xmas presents for family members. The photo emulsion was locked away, and the darkroom in a state of inoperability, so I used screenfill instead for my stencil. The outline of two skulls was pretty easy to freehand spur of the moment, and in case of any pinholes I might have missed I painted on two layers of the stuff.


I used a photography of a skull from an old anatomy textbook I keep in my studio and painted the two skulls using black watercolor.


Neglecting to bring my brushes with my when I retrieved the anatomy text, I instead used the two crappy brushes left in the shop for screenfill. Painting on nylon netting is incredibly forgiving and easy, so the poor quality of brushes didn't really bother me much.


I printed on t-shirts for family members, and did one on my old grey hoodie for me.





One of my favorite aspects of this process, monoserigraphy, is seeing the "exhausted" print. Seeing what happens as the color runs out and the traces left behind of how it had settled into the screen.


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Tom said...

I teach K-12 Art and I'd love to do this with my Studio Art Class but I don't really get how you're making the screen print. Regardless, you final product is pretty cool.