Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Carrot

I finally finished a new large scale print. Sadly, it's been rather poorly received in crits and by friends, so I'm considered other ways to learn from it or to improve upon this piece.


Here it is stuffed, in front of the older carrot people:


I think the form of the older carrot people is more what I'm after, with smaller heads, taller, and with narrower bodies. I'm going to try one more like this, but changing the form somewhat and shrinking the head. I also learned that the eyes looked fine on the painted form, but mysteriously look too close together when printed, though the ratio has not changed. I think that in the end, I was attempted to cover the whole form and flesh out the entire piece (knees, hands, buttocks, etc.) when one of the stronger points of the old pieces was that not all of the questions were answered.

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Anonymous said...

i would like to see the new one in person so my vote is still not in, but they remind me of Schiele, which has a difficult time registering as bad.