Friday, September 11, 2009


ctaylor postcard back

On a bus stop bench: a complete set of men's clothing. The shoes side by side on the ground huddled together like cockroaches, the socks sunken into their heels, collapsed upon their emptiness. The pants restfully lain across the bench with a crumpled shirt atop. The Rapture came and took the only good man in the world, leaving behind his clothes and bus fair and the ruins he had left in his wake, the redistribution of air into the vacuum shaped like him left behind upon his departure, the world continuing unknowing of what had just happened to it.

Blue again

We used to call it "twinkling" because of the passage "in the twinkling of an eye" found in Corinthians referring to this rupture in the ages of man, when someone circumvents the terrors of old age and death: Springheeled Jack aloft, giving you a leer and a wink on his way up. The Christian universe a great petulant neighbor child, refusing to follow the rules of the game he had devised once they inevitably became tedious. It's got an appeal, though, hasn't it? Much like spontaneous combustion. An admixture of oudated science and a looming vastness of unknown things, a recipe for some of the most exiting of things that you just want to think are true even though you know that really they aren't. They just can't be.

My bus arrives, and I push through the high school students in khaki pants and blue shirts.

"Among Us" opens Sunday the 13th at the Dutzi Gallery in Long Beach, CA. The few things I have will be artfully arranged so as to seem like more than they really are, and I promise to leave silly referrences to apocalypse theology at home.

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:: smo :: said...

curious, are you familiar with the works of joseph campbell? i've been watching "the power of myth" on netflix instant watch and methinks you might enjoy it from this post.

in any event i like the look of that phrase MFA advancement, is this show helping to accelerate your studies?