Saturday, February 14, 2009


Thursday night, I did a demo on monoserigraphy for my friend's class at Loyola Marymount. The likelihood is that not a single student will actually do the technique now that they know it, but Gretchen, the teacher, said that she was excited to give it a try now, so there's that at least.

I did the painting earlier in the day, so the image I printed would be a little more impressive than the regular demo doodle one usually sees at school. Because, what's exciting about printing a squiggle? Where's the incentive to try this technique out if the first example of it is some crappy demo drawing?

So, here's the Nate Martin print:

nate monoscreenprint

I got four pulls out of the screen, but I messed up one of them. I'm going to see Nate Martin when I go to Chicago for Southern Graphics Council next month, and hopefully by then this entry will have changed his Google results somewhat.

nate monoscreenprint

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Amanda said...

hey camilla,
i stumbled over here from the printmaking group on flickr...just wanted to say hi and nice work!