Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victory Potato!

potato prints

Oh, Mr. McAbee, I've tried to live up to your high standard in the noble art of potato matrix printmaking. But over and over I have encountered defeat and failure. Today, though, today, Mr. McAbee, I have victory.

 the potatos

Three color potato reduction. I was shooting for five colors but the potatos just couldn't hold up past three.

potato prints

I printed them in my studio with watercolors when I was sick to dying of helping undergrads not make total fools of themselves. I used watercolor left over from some mono-screenprinting when I mixed my own blacks, and linocutting gouges--printing them like stamps, with little lines down the sides of the potatos and onto the paper for registration.

potato prints

I added a fourth color (or rather, fourth shade of grey) by rolling up a sheet of plexi and covering the faces with wax paper.

I made another reduction print this same week, a print of a swimmer, and done a bit more traditionally, using type-high lino, but I far prefer the potatos.

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