Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 to 3 years

One day, I want to meet Cory McAbee, so that my mouth may fill with cumbersome rocks, impossible to talk around.

For the past few years, each time I curate a show, I always invite him to participate. He's yet to accept, but always responds with witty demuring emails.

Suicidegirls recently rejected this action:
From "Say My Name"
In this series of photos, I illustrate the American style pronunciation of Roethke. Very informative. Click on the picture if you're the sort interested in that manner of thing.
roethke roethke

I'm knee deep in graduate school application nonsense. I've narrowed my list down to 5 schools, and am laboring away at the essays, attempting wit and brevity and brilliance in short 120 eighty character lines. The great morass of slides was reduced to a coherent and Spartan 20 (15 for Austin), but I'm afraid that I can't find any of my old ethings to include. Hopefully, that one oversite won't cost me. The hope is that Long Beach, Austin, Chicago, Providence, or Minneapolis will be my residence of 2 to 3 years at least.

Any of you Phoenicians reading this should consider attending the last Phoenix Dr. Sketchy's of 2007 at Trunk Space, Dec. 30th. I shall be there, this time for reals.
sketchys december


chatree said...

Just passing by to say HI! Thank you for the info. I'm always up for life drawing :) You look really pretty with your hair like that. the photo have very nice color scheme, the over all mood it creates. <<-- hopefully that makes sense. heh, you know what s funny, seems like when ever my art skills goes up, my communications skills goes the oppostie . ..heh, ..guess you can't have it both ways.
I was thinking, if you don't mind, i love to incorporate you into some of my drawing sometime. . dont worry it won't be anything offensive. Have a safe and happy holidays, -chatree.
What will you be wearing?

Katherine Of It All said...

It won't be offensive?
Then why bother?

Happy New Year, little sib.
Still need soapy links?
Sorry for flaking.