Friday, August 31, 2007


Self explanatory:

These pictures were taken by David Bessent for the purpose of entering's monthly photo contest, but I don't think they loaded. I'm ok with this, as I was just pleased to go swimming. And we went swimming twice! Because the first time the lighting was terrible.

And I cut all of my hair off. Again. I make decisions when I'm hungry and irritable.

Have you ever seen Swingers? I had an experience eerily like a scene in that movie recently.

I went to the Hell City Tattoo Convention last weekend, to spend a day being asked where my tattoos were (no where) and to hang out with my friend Zoetica while she was in town running the Suicidegirls booth. One day at a convention and I'm still exhausted. And not surprisingly, not a soul could pronounce "Roethke" with any degree of ease. Sometimes I wish I had chosen something easier. There's a few blurry photos over on my Flickr, but for the most part, I was in the photos, not taking them--smiling like I was about to eat your eyeballs direct from the socket and vulgarly jutting my hips out because showing off that extra sternum in a lowcut shirt doesn't really measure up to all of the ladies with something other than sternum to show off under there (and believe me, it was hard not to stare).

Upcoming soirees and to-dos:
Predilection: Print Exchange
Opening concurrently at Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake City and Trunk Space Gallery in Phoenix on September 21st.

The Deck Show
Opening at MonOrchid in Phoenix on October 28th.

I'm in process proposing some other stuff in the LA, Phoenix and San Francisco areas, but I'm scaling down my somewhat unweildy exhibition schedule. I've had a few bad experiences with galleries as of late, so now I'm going to make an effort to only show at places where I know them or where my friends know them.


Daniel said...

I think the underwater photos are so fun. I really want to try something like this now.

Maybe you could make a tee shirt for public appearances that explains the pronunciation:


I dunno. I had a german last name for years (from an ex-stepfather...thanks mom) and people constantly mangled it.


horsefleshproductions said...

That's not a bad idea at all. I'm going to get one made before the next time I represent SG. I'm lucky enough that it's not my real name.