Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pedestrian drugs

I have this habit of taking on too many tasks, all of which I'm eager to do, and overestimating the amount of time it takes me to finish those tasks. I'd say I need to manage my time better, but I do manage my time well. Yet, I'm still four illustrations behind schedule, and quite a bit of sewing is left, too.

Last week, I ran out of coffee, and loathe as I am to leave my house and venture into the too bright out of doors, I drank strong black tea instead, waiting for the sub100 degrees opportunity to strike out and purchase the much needed caffiene. Now that I have it, I've been overcompensating and drinking too much. My drugs are so pedestrian.


Show card for show! Want one? Send me your address. Stateside only, if you please, unless you've purchased something from me in the past. Overseas stamps are too much for this venture, I'm afraid.

My alma mater of overdrinking and flirting with trashy band boys has an article about Solecist. True to form, they initially spelled my name two different ways and spelled the name of the show wrong, until I sent them an email gently correcting them. Too much reliance on spellcheck leads to lazy proof reading, but who am I to judge? I can barely manage to credit quotes accurately, and that not even all of the time. To be honest, I didn't really understand the article. What's not well thought out about the name?

Hey, ho, the gangs all here:

For sale at The Trunk Space.
This is the end of paper mached heads. I'm moving on to other time wasters, time wasters of more epic proportions.

I had a set, shot by Lorelei in Tucson, go up at the ol' SG last week. Heretofore, I had no idea how many men dislike short hair on women.


Martin said...

I rather like short hair on ladies.

Anonymous said...

Now you know.